Typologies of Business Incubators (European Commission classification 2002)

Recently I’ve found a nice typology of business incubators done by European Commission in 2002.
I will devote special post for classification and taxonomies of Business Incubators. However, want to show and discuss with others whether this classification correct or not.
EC developed two-dimensional framework in order to classify different types of organizations which are connected with innovations and entrepreneurship. One dimension is technological level of organization, another is management support. According to this classification business incubators are the ones with highest level of technological level and managemet support. But is like this really? Should we consider only innovation centers, technology centers and business innovation centers as business incubators? I guess it’s all again depends on definition and meaning (purpose and characteristics) of particular organization within the classification. Is it true that business incubation always high technological level?

Business Incubators Classification_EC_2002


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