Business Incubation as element of business service institution

Just wanted to share this interesting article by Dr. Antal Szabó.

In this work Mr. Szabó give a holistic perspective on how should be structured SME development ecosystem. Second part is devoted for description of business incubation in countries from Eastern Europe.

He claims that there is so called SME Development Pyramid structure.
The development of the SME sector in the countries in transition is most effective when activities and assistance are integratedand aimed at three distinct levels:

  1. strategic level(policy making);
  2. institutional level (support institutions);
  3. enterprise level (entrepreneurs and business entities).

“The above-mentioned levels create an SME Development Pyramid structurein which the strategic level is considered as the highest priority and is “located” at the tip of the pyramid. The institutional level is located in the middle and is interlinked with both the SME policy-makers at the top and the entrepreneurs at the bottom for whom they are created and to whom their services are offered. The third level is the base of the whole structure: they are the actors of the SME sector whose performance, behaviour, efficiency and inefficiency are reflected in the mirror of economic transformation. The whole building is sound only whenthere is mutual development, acceptance by each other and operative cooperation.”


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