Ventures as Centers of Gravity and Virtual Business Incubation

Global Startup Platform

My journey in Entrepreneurship World started 1 year and 2 monthes ago with a project called Global Startup Platform. As many early-stage entrepreneurs I didn’t have this mindset of entrepreneur that should be embedded into your brain while you’re working on ideas, projects and starting ventures. Thus, I thought that it could be great if I could have a kind of Hitchker’s Guide to The Entrepreneurship Galaxy. It will not only give answers on  What, Who, Why, When and How, but also will provide services for me in order to support my efforts (first steps of a kid).

So, I started to ask myself what do I need to have, what kind of services and solutions I need to use, which models and frameworks I should apply in order to succesfully start my venture. My subjective opinion was: “I need several services such as:

  • team building service (for building a star team and find passionate and crazy guys as myself);
  • service or some soution how to attract money (obviously it would be hard to keep going for 3,6,12 months having nothing to eat);
  • knowledge how to start (crash course for beginners or mentor or frameworks and models to use and systematically apply);
  • valid idea! aha! (sounds simple but there is huge work behind scene. It’s about finding a business model and creating a business strategy. Usually it was done through writing of business plans, but it’s not what you need really.)
  • community or ecosystem in which I should be involved (may be one of the most important issues).

So, I’ve gathered a team through Venture Lab platform and we started. This was awesome experience through which I got friends in UK, India, Marocco, Egypt, Finland, New Zeland. Eventually we came up with several lessons learned apart of team that was able to work for 6 months without financing (and by the way still!), hundreds of brainstorming sessions and docs (main I’m publishing below). These things are:

  1. entrepreneurship is harder than you can ever imagine! Concentrate
  2. start small!
  3. think about value. Not only value, but about problem. Not only about problem, but about fundamental problem that you would like to solve!
  4. always fall in love in what you’re doing. Do it with passion!
  5. learn, learn, learn!
Global Startup Platform Market Research

Global Startup Platform Business Model

Entrepreneurship Ideas are like Centers of Gravity

I will not explain all other issues that I have come up in this post, but I need to explain why I’m telling this.Mainly because idea I have started had smth inside. It was like a Planet with it’s small Gravity. And when other Planet or other Сelestial body appeared in the field of my Planet’s gravity, these ideas began to be attracted. Involving in this process people, resources, money, my family and friends. Amazingly how ideas can change the Universe of somebody’s life.

So, my Planet Global Startup Platform met with another Planet CrowdSynergy. Synergy happened (may be even huge explosion) and two bodies started to interact and move together. Small Galaxy started to form itself. And this is only beginining because I see how other bodies are attracted by our idea, how we can change their trajectories.

CrowdSynergy – Virtual Business Incubator

I joined CrowdSynergy in August and this is an amazing journey. Initial idea of providing support for entrepreneurs from a small sprout transformed into huge tree. Scale, power, profoundness of idea in CrowdSynergy is amazing. I admire personally Alex Krol who is a main founder of CrowdSynergy. The World which he created (after our implementation) will strongly influence the industry of innovations. Of course we are not alone in the Universe, but we have long-term goals of helping entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, professionals, and eventually the society!

However, some of our ideas I believe unique and I would like to start sharing them with the world. One is called Virtual Business Incubator. It’s a new type of Business Incubator which is aimed to help entrepreneurs virtually and transnationally. Below you will find main description of our idea.

Prezi View (link to a Prezi form)


Would like to hear your comments on our ideas!!!


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