Business Incubation Timeline (The History of Business Incubation – part 3)

Business Incubation Timeline

This post is devoted to business incubation timeline and it is the latest in a series about business incubation history. In previous posts (The History of Business Incubation Part 1 and Part 2) we described framework, evolution of the business incubation and some figures.

We have started with a noble goal which was to create a timeline and present a holistic view on the industry’s development. However, it turned out that the selection and identification of the most significant events is extremely subjective. Which events we should consider and which not? Why this was important and not that? How you can identify and trace influence of a particular event that happened decades ago? So, this was  really challengeable task.

That is why we decided to publish first draft and then update it according to the feedback from experts or community. Thus, our team will appreciate any help from industry expert on what could be changed or added to it.

It’s also very hard to trace precursors of the phenomenon. As I’ve mentioned in the previous post (part 2) according to Mr. Chinsomboon any controlled environment that helped businesses to grow could be considered as business incubation environment. We can found a lot of different examples before Batavia Industrial Center of systematic help for new businesses. However, the date of formalization where main components of basic business incubator model were linked together is 1959.  Therefore, we agreed to have Batavia Industrial Center Launch as our starting point.

So, please enjoy the results of our work and we will appreciate any help and feedback from experts and community!

Business Incubation Timeline

Business Incubation Timeline


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