Early Adoption of Technologies since 1750 till 2012

There is a plenty of research carried out about how important early adoption of technology is. I’ve recently skimmed a couple of researches on this topic. In my opinion there are two authors that made a better job than others. Their names are Diego Comin and Bart Hobijn.

They performed a cross-country analysis called Cross-country Historical Adoption of Technology (CHAT). This research dataset covers the diffusion of 104 technologies in 161 countries during the last 200 years. The data is available for download.

I just want to share with you the results of their report which could help better understand what’s happening in today’s world of innovations and entrepreneurship and what expect from future.

Finding # 1. “On average, countries adopted a new technology 45 years after its invention.”

Finding # 2. “Variation in adoption rates is larger than you might expect and accounts for 25% of differences in countries’ per capita income today.”

Finding # 3. “Adoption lags have shortened in recent years.This means that over time, the West’s advantages from being a consistent early adopter may decrease.”

I think that there is one more which wasn’t mentioned by authors that there is a synergetic effect of technologies combination. That’s why adoption shortened in recent years and country’s GDP dependent on a technologies it uses.There is also a very nice infographics  made by unknown to me author. It’s occasionally got into my hands and I would like to share.

Early adoption of technologies since 1750 till 2012




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