Startup & Business Incubation Infographics

It’s not a secret that the most powerful means of communication for humankind is a visual way. Our topics and subjects are not an exception. The main goal why this blog was started is dessimenation of knowledge and materials about business incubation, entrepreneurship, business models, etc. During this year our team has collected a huge amount of material on a variety of topics. This includes graphics on entrepreneurship, business incubation and business models. So, the logical step would be to share these materials with you. Mostly these are materials that have been produced by somebody else. However, there will be also our proprietary works. All materials will be accessible for download.

Therefore we decided to open new section of the blog – Startups & Business Incubation Infographics. In this part of the blog we are going to publish materials that are connected to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, business incubation, business models. Hope you will enjoy it.

The link to the section is

Here comes the first inspiring infographics made by Anna Vital and Vlad Shyshov from It’s about the entrepreneurial nation inhabiting the planet Earth. There is about 400 million people who are creating, experimenting, failing, having successes and brilliant victories.

Enjoy and have fun!

1B entrepreneurs

1B entrepreneurs


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