Social Contract for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals and Policy Makers

I like to think in democratic way about social life and business (even though there is plenty of complaints to democracy which I will not mention here). Therefore, any startup or entrepreneur exists in some social environment. This environment could be similar to the famous one like Silicon Valley, or like Israel Tech Cluster, or even Russian Innovation Ecosystem (which is only in the emerging stage), or many others with different level of maturity. Undoubtedly, any individual can’t exists in the environment without being influenced by it. The level of environment maturity have direct correlation with the entrepreneurs, startup projects, way of doing business, hardware and software of innovation ecosystem. Following this logic I was asking myself, in which environment I would like to be? How it could be charaterized or described? What are key essential factors?

I was blogging about these factors before (see posts Innovation Ecosystem, Demand and Innovation Ecosystem). However, I didn’t mention the soft side of environment in which entrepreneurship will flourish. I was asking myself in what society I want to live in order to make business, be successful in it and be happy, think about prosperity of my family, region, country and humanit, think about future generations and live for them. What should be the guiding principles of society where this all will be possible? I came up with principles of World Development which will be guided by innovations.

The Principles of Innovations Managed Development

The Principles of Innovations Managed Development

And the best description as Social Contract is made by authors of Rainforest book. I would like to share it with you.

  1. I am joining a global community of people who share a common faith in the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. I am open to meeting anyone in this community.
  2. I understand that I will receive valuable help from others for free or at a very low cost.
  3. I agree to “pay forward” whatever positive benefits I receive. For every introduction I get, I will provide an introduction to another person. For every hour of advice I receive, I will give an hour of advice to someone else. For every risk someone takes with me, I will take a risk with a different person.
  4. I will give trust to others before expecting to receive trust in return. I will treat everyone fairly. I will take advantage of no one.
  5. I will bring people together, as none of us is as smart as all of us.
  6. I will dream, experiment, iterate, and persist. I understand that mistakes and failure are acceptable ways of testing new ideas.
  7. I will open myself to learning from others. I will help nurture learning in others.
  8. Each person is a role model for everyone else. I will live these ideals as a member of the Rainforest community.

What do you think? Will you add/delete/change something?

Good luck and see you soon.


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