Infographics: Famous Venture Capitalists

In August 2013 Forbes announced new Midas List of Venture Capitalists 2013. This list tries to identify the venture capitalists who generated the top returns for their investors and who were most instrumental in creating the most impactful and valuable companies of tomorrow. My analysis of this list from previous years shows that firms that scores high on exits put their partners in Midas list. That’s why almost all partners from Accel, Benchmark, Greylock, Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, and Andreessen Horowitz are there.

I think that it is really important for entrepreneurs to think about investors with whom they want to be. Smart and respected venture capitalist can bring tremendous added value to your venture.  So, entrepreneurs, check this list and try to find investor who is from your country or from your region.

I also warmly suggest you to read and follow those who are in the list for more than 10 years. I mean such personalities as John Doerr from Kleiner Perkins, Michael Moritz from Sequoia Capital, Jay Hoag from Crossover Partners, Jim Breyer from Accel Partners.
I also would mention Dave McClure from accelerator 500 startups These guys invested in Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Coursera, etc. As well as it’s important to read their industry insights and trends.

However, my favourite two are Peter Thiel from Founders Fund and Paul Graham from Y Combinator. Paul Graham has wonderful list of essays on his website. Worthreading for anyone who want to know how the industry is working practically. Peter Thiel had lectured in Stanford in 2012. There is nice pool of transcripts that everyone must read also.

Lessons learned:

  • Know who is the best. Watch them, understand them, try to connect and establish partnerships.
  • I’ve cofounded 2 startups, now advising more than 40 startups being an investment consultant and business coach right now, starting new projects and also researching the field of business incubation and innovation industry for more than 2 years. I’ve read dozens of books and nothing is so practical than Peter Thiel Lectures and Paul Graham Essays. Read them.

Lastly, enjoy nice infographics about venture capitalists which you can find in the Infographics section of the blog. See you and good luck!

Famous Venture Capitalists

Famous Venture Capitalists


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