IT Trends to Watch in 2014

We live in a fast-moving, highly interconnected and complex world. Breakthrough technologies, demographic shifts and societies in transformation are reshaping the world and have far-reaching social, political and economic consequences. More than ever, business leaders and ordinary people need to understand what’s coming and how not to be obsolete. Otherwise you will lose the competitive advantage.

Every company in the future is an IT company. In short IT, and even more specifically Moore’s law allows to increase price/performance ratio, improve economics, make investments into the business/technology attractive, then improve technology and again increase price/performance ratio. This was true for around 40 years for the world and it changed it significantly. This allowed new social and economic transfomation to happen. IT era came and changed our lives, the way companies do their business. Obviously IT made our lives faster, cheaper, interconnected. It would be reasonable to understand and closely analyse what will happen in the world in a coming year that will drive the progress in IT area forward.

In my previous post about Top Tech Predictions for 2014 I’ve made a combined analysis of Gartner, IDC, IEEE and others. Today I would like to give you another material for thoughts created by Bill Chamberlin. Bill tries to link global world trends and IT trends. He provides good proof-links and relevant facts/quotes.



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