About Business Incubation Blog

My name is Vasily Ryzhonkov (About me) and this is my personal blog where I share, publish and discuss issues about Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation, Innovation management, Business Models & Strategy with the objectives to:

1. Establish a blog with news, information and commentary on business incubation, innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship to keep myself and others updated in the subject.

2. Share ideas, concepts, interesting presentations, publications, books, reviews and trends that can be useful for those of you who want to start working in this area or search for addtitional information and knowledge.

3. Discuss past, present and future state of entrepreneurship and business incubation.

4. Find creative and smart individuals interested in discussing and developing new ways of thinking about business incubation, business models and innovation.

The long term goal is to build a comprehensive database of materials on topics mentioned above together with a discussion forum and participation of community.

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Email me at vryzhonkov(at)gmail.com

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