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I’m an open-minded person, entrepreneur and researcher whose interests are in Technology Entrepreneurship, Strategy Management, Knowledge Management and Innovation Management. I love to experiment, explore new opprotunites and create new things. I am always passionate about what I’m doing. Since 2011 my passion is in the sphere of knowledge management and entrepreneurship (especially technology entrepreneurship, business incubation and business models). Almost all my time I devote to this subject in practical and theoretical sense. Please see my Full profile at LinkedIn.

This is my personal blog where I share, publish and discuss issues about Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation, Innovation management, Business Models&Strategy. Read more About Business Incubation Blog

Professional Experience: Technology Entrepreneurship, Software Development, ICT Project Management, Business Strategy, Marketing

Moscow State Technical University (2008): Computer Science (Engineer’s Degree with honours)

IMIM Business School (Joint Program of UPM-Madrid, Polimi – Milano, KTH – Stockholm): International Industrial Management (Master of Science) (2013)

Knowledge areas:
Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation, Virtual Business Incubation, Business Models, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Innovation Management, Change Management, Strategy Management, HPC, Computer Science, Network technologies, Computer & HardWare architecture, Information Systems, DataCenters

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18 thoughts on “About Vasily Ryzhonkov

  1. Hi Vasily, My name is Sam mafadza, Group CEO of the Limpopo Economic Development Agency in South Africa. I would love to share with you your experiences on Incubation and innovation. It is our area of focus for entrepreneurship development.

  2. Excellent work on business Incubation Models and innovation I hope that very soon we can work together, I believe that developing economies such as Nigeria (my country) can leapfrog into the fore front if a converted effort is made to create the best possible environment for entrepreneurs and innovative practices.

    • Dear Oluseye, I’m absolutely sure that the only way for transforming mankind is innovations managed development. Therefore, I do believe that your country and numerous others can adopt successful practices and empower entrepreneurship.

    • Thank you David. Soon I will introduce additional topics that will be covered here, i.e. innovation ecosystem secrets, business models and analysis of reviewed business incubation models. Stay in touch!

  3. Great blog Vasily. Very interesting and cutting-edge topics. Should you need any insights don’t hesitate to get back to me. Kind regards and keep in touch.

  4. Hi Vasily,
    My name is Nasser, Thank you very much for your efforts; it is really a great job.
    Indeed, I am doing a PhD to develop a national business incubator framework or model. looking for your support
    in this topic.
    Thank you again
    kind regards

    • Dear Nasser, thank you for your comment. I would appreciate if you can suggest how I can improve the blog ( what I usually do after feedback from readers). Concerning you question, I can help. Write me to my personal email and we will discuss.

  5. Hi Mr. Ryzhonkov,
    I am Logais from Malaysia. Am impressed with the analysis on Business Incubator and the way you present it. i just started my Phd research on BI in my country. Your information helps. Thanks

  6. Hi,am Rouben ssenkubuge,a businessman in Uganda and have got the same vision that you have in the near future, I want to be a business mentor and incubator for Uganda and African businesses, am also an applicant of the Young African Leaders Initiative under business and entrepreneurship for year 2015,waiting for my interviews,what do you think should be my area of focus as I put my vision to work/practice, for everything I read on your blog is important, I want to have a focus, what should I start doing?

    • Hi. Firstly, please write me email. Second point would be – decide on your focus point. Are you going to work with tech startups, business as usual startups, or regularly business. Each of them have different life cycle. Lastly, decide your role there – mentor, business leader, manager and entrepreneur. All of mentioned above differs in terms of activities, and practices.

  7. Hi Vasily, I am a South African PhD student at the University of Pretoria. Could I kindly have your email address? Thanks for the helpful article.

  8. Hi Vasily Fantastic work on incubator models (can you email a pdf version of the blog series?). I am currently involved in evaluating the effectiveness of incubators in South African and would like to contact you on email if you can please send me a message,

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